Admission Notification - Health Awareness and Education Programs in Indian Health Sciences 2011-12

On 12th November-2011- A oneday National Conference on
“Scope and Relevance of Ancient Indian Sciences" jointly by NIPER and I-Serve

On 17th November – 2011 – Felicitation to Sri K.V.Krishna Murty by Kinnera Arts theatres at Sri Tyagaraja Gana Sabha , Chikkadpalli, Hyderabad.

On 23rd November, 2011 - Oneday National Conference on " Research Opportunities in Indian Ancient Sciences jointly by Andhra University", Visakhapatnam and I-SERVE

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A brief report on the National Conference on “Present Relevance of Ancient Indian Sciences” on 14-15th Septermber 2011 at GITAM University, Visakhapatnam.

A report on the National Seminar on "Scientific Dating of Ancient Events Before 2000 BC" held on 30th & 31st July, 2011

I-SERVE and GVP-SIRC signed an MOU for undertakingresearch and academic activities, on 18th August 2011Report

Public Presentation on Rigvedic Cosmology" on 13th August 2011 conducted by California (I-SERVE) Chapter Report

I-SERVE and AAPNA , now join hands for extending services internationallyReport

I-SERVE Report on One day National Seminar on“Modern Utility of Vedic Sciences”-26th February, 2011.Report

Report of the Monthly Seminar on Vedic Sciences arranged at Tirupati branch of I-SERVE  - 19th Feb 2011Report

Report of the Monthly Seminar on Vedic Sciences arranged at Tirupati Chapter of I-SERVE (on 26-01-2011) Report

Special meeting of Volunteers & Well wishers of I-SERVE on 9th January 2011 Report



I-SERVE is a non profit making charitable institute dedicated to find out the full technical details of the sciences hidden in Vedic & Post Vedic literature, so that at least some of the ancient techniques, said to be nature friendly and non hazardous, are brought back to contemporary utility.

Infact I-SERVE was started on the 1st day of the 2nd millennium and the organizers conducted several meetings and group discussions with various cross sections of traditional scholars and modern scientists before making it a registered body on 21st June 2004.

The 1st phase of the research undertaken by I-SERVE, which is expected to extend up to the end of 2010, has two main branches viz., Book Search and Book Study.

The scheme of Book Search involves Sanskrit-knowing people who travel to different states of India in search of manuscripts of "Ancient Sanskrit Scientific Text Books." The presence of such books in the ancient times is established by I-SERVE through a study of various source books, inscriptions etc and list of around 400 titles of books is already prepared and put on the website of I-SERVE, for the benefit of the interested researches. The list itself is acclaimed to be a good research work, by many scholars.

As on today 7 batches of Book searchers are going round Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Bihar and Bengal in search of such books. So far more than 500 libraries were covered and a list of more than 1000 manuscripts / old, out of print books have been secured. Xerox copies of around 20 rare books 40 out of print books are taken so far, and they are distributed to different scholars for the purpose of study.

In the second step of "Book Study" nine projects are identified for in-depth studies. The details are as follows:

1. Study of Adharvana Veda
2. Study of Sri Chakra - Principles of Quantum Physics
3. Study of Astronomy & Cosmology
4. Study of Winds, Clouds & Rains
5. Study of Geology & Earth quakes
6. Study of Ayurveda
7. Study of Agriculture
8. Study of Animal Husbandry
9. Study of Ancient Mathematics

Several Conferences / Seminars / Symposia etc were organized so far, to get the cooperation of like minded scholars and to elicit methods of research on different subjects.

1. On 24.10.2004 a conference on "Vedic Sciences in general" was conducted at Hyderabad which     was attended by Prof. Venkata Rami Reddy, the then Vice Chancellor of JNTU, Hyderabad. Prof.     Dr. D. Swaminathan, Member, National Advisory Council, Govt. of India, and Sri T. Hanuman     Chowdary, Former advisor to Govt. of A.P. on Information Technology, as guests of Honor.

2. Another Conference was held on 29.11.2004 at Hyderabad which was attended by a large number     of Sanskrit and Vedic scholars, University Professors, Scientists etc. In this meet, the action plan     and objectives of I-SERVE were discussed and approved by the delegates.

3. On 3.4.2005 another conference, exclusively for Sanskrit scholars, was held at Hyderabad and a     call was given to all Sanskrit scholars to take part in the activities of I-SERVE and help its book     search and book study programs. It was also announced that Honorariums would be paid to those     scholars who participate in Book search activity.

4. The I-SERVE, as a part of its action plan for five years, organized, in collaboration with another     research organization called The Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies (JNIAS) headed     by Dr. Swaminathan a National Conference on "Vedic Knowledge: Contemporary relevance" during     16th - 18th June 2005 at Hyderabad to expose various aspects in the Vedas, their scope and     applicability for the present times. The research papers of this conference we brought out as a     volume and were put in our website: Anybody can visit the site.

5. As a part of its planned program to take up the Vedic sciences, one after the other, for its     research activity, I-SERVE took up Ayurveda in the first step, since this branch of Vedic Sciences     is the most needed one for the present day global situation and organized a National Conference     on "Ayurvedic Medicare as Evidence based Medicine" at Hyderabad during 16th & 17th February,     2006. Scholars and Experts, nation wide, who worked both in the Ayurveda and Modern systems     of medicine have participated and deliberated in this conference. The Research Papers presented     in the Conference were published in two volumes and they are put on our website also.

6. As outcome of this seminar, the I-SERVE established an Ayurvedic Research Center at Hyderabad     which is striving to work in the direction of encouraging inter disciplinary coordination, establishing     methods of creating evidence base for Ayurveda and projecting Ayurveda to the modern world in     a more convincing way. To support this research center a free Ayurvedic Dispensary is being run     in the premises of I-SERVE from 18th February 2006. It is running well.

7. On 26th March 2006 "A Work Shop on Vedic Sciences" was conducted in the premises of I-SERVE     in which Prof. G.V.S.R.K. Somayajulu, Sr. Professional Scientist, Dept. of Safeguards (Retd)     International Atomic Energy Agency, (UAEA-UN) Vienna, Prof. Bheema Sankaram, Formerly     Chairman, A.P. Mineral Development Corporation, Fellow -Indian National Science Academ, Prof.     Dr.D.Swaminathan , member, National Advisory Council, Govt.of India, Dr.I.Sanjeeva Rao Former     Addl. Director of AYUSH, Govt. of A.P, Hyderabad and others participated. A Book entitled     "Modern Sciences in the Ancient Land" , written by Sri K.V.Krishna Murthy, Managing Director,      I- SERVE, was  released in this Work Shop.

8. A symposium on "Scientific References in Telugu Literature" was conducted by I-SERVE at S.G.S     Ashram, Dundigal, Hyderabad on 1st April, 2006. Prof. Vedula Subrahmanya Sastry, (Formerly     Head of the Dept. Sanskrit & Telugu, Andhra University) Sri Telakapalli Viswanatha Sarma, Retd.     Principal, Palem Sanskrit College, Prof. K.P.R. Vithal Murthy (Meteorologist, Andhra University),     Prof. K. Malayavasini, Dept. of Telugu, Andhra University, Prof. N.L. Mohan (Dept. of Geo-physics,     Osmania University), Prof. C.V.V. Subrahmanyam, (Telugu University, Hyderabad) etc have     participated.

9. A Seminar on "Krishna Yajurveda" was conducted on 30th April 2006 in the premises of I-SERVE     Several Vedic scholars who know the meaning of Vedas have attended and gave details of     scientific References in Krishna Yajurveda. Sri Sri Sri Siddheswarananda Bharati Swami of Kurtalam     Peetham, Sri Raddam Prabhakar Rao, IPS Retd, Sri Telakapalli Vishwanatha Sharma Retd Principal,     Palem Sanskrit College, Sri Pullala Sree Ramchandrudu & Sri Kuppa Krishna Murthy participated.

Intensifying Ayurvedic research with the help of interdisciplinary scholars & conducting a national count on astronomy and cosmology are chosen as the immediate targets for the year 2006.

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